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Hydraulic River Modelling

Approved by the Environment Agency and Water Authorities

Understanding the Flood Risk using our Hydraulic River Models

Our expert modellers and engineers have considerable experience in producing reliable and compliant models to determine the flood risk of your development. Our models provide a better understanding of the flood risk and identify preventative action.

Our models are cost-effective and determine the risk of flooding and the downstream impact of the new site, meeting the most stringent requirements from the Environment Agency and the local drainage authorities.

We have helped developers, engineers and architects to demonstrate that their sites are feasible.

Our Hydraulic River Modelling Options

Our river models services have been developed based on our experience working with developments of different sizes and levels of risk.

Hydraulic River Modelling - Urban Water
From £1,800.00
Ideal for areas of considerable size with man-made channels, culverts, and pipes with need for detailed modelling. Floodplain composed of various complex surfaces.
From £1,300.00
Applicable for sites including natural watercourses with shorter bridges or culverts.
Floodplain that includes 2 or 3 types of surfaces.
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How do we Work?

Our bespoke models are tailored to your site and include specific assessments of structures that can exacerbate the impact of flooding on your development.

Go Ahead

We will assess the availability of the information required to create the model.

48 Hours Later

You get a scope of the surveys and site visits for creating the models.


Our models are created based on the verified information.

Flood Risk Assessment

Consult the Environment Agency and obtain an agreement in principle.

Flood Risk Assessment
Model approved by the Environment Agency

Hydraulic and Hydrological Analysis
Flood Levels  
Flood Impact Analysis.

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Our Benefits


We will provide a clear deadline for the provision of the modelling for your project.


We work on the model until it is approved by the Environment Agency.


Our expertise gives you the best chance to get planning approvals.

No Hidden Fees

Fixed price for all of our flood risk assessments.

Our River Modelling Methodology

We create our models and evaluate the flood risk to the site using a holistic approach. We account for all known sources of surface water, fluvial and tidal flood risk to provide robust, flood resilient developments. We are committed to building a more sustainable and inclusive society.

urban water location flood risk

Complete site surveys and scope detailed topographical surveys of structures.

Flood Risk Assessment
Obtain Information

Obtain LIDAR data, including all known sources of surface water and fluvial and tidal flood risk information from the Environment Agency.

Flood Risk Assessment
Evaluate Flood Risk

Utilise our latest approved software to assess hydraulic and hydrological analysis for your site.

Flood Risk Assessment
Liaise with Authorities

Create reports and submit models to local authorities and the Environment Agency to get your development underway.

Our proactive engineers and modellers are able to understand the complexities of flood management and provide tried solutions to protect your development from flooding.

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Other Services

Flood Risk Assessment
We conduct thorough flood risk assessment that your planning application can rely on. 
Flood Risk Assessment
We utilise specialised planning consultants to create compliancy reports for local councils. 
Drainage Strategy
Drainage strategies in full compliance with lead local flood authorities and national guides.
Hydraulic River Modelling
Best cost benefit river modelling for your development in compliance with Environment Agency requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1D River Modelling?

1D river models represent the flow along the watercourse. 1D river modelling is used when:

  • The river has a channel as a similar cross section along the area of study.
  • The flood zone has the same shape along the cross section.
  • Substantial areas of rivers are culverted or channelised.
  • There is an obstruction that causes the flow to backup. For example: culverts, bridges and weirs.

What is 2D River Modelling?

2D river models allow for the complete representation of the flow regime within the flood plain. It contains the ground surface including its elevation with x, y, and z coordinates. The river modelling principles:

  • Flow hydrographs derived from the FEH hydrological study.
  • Digital terrain models (DTM). DTM excludes trees, vegetation and buildings. However, these elements are included within DSM data.
  • Combines 1D within the model.
  • Provides a complete understanding of the flood zone and its interaction with the river channel.

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