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Old Foundry Close, Nancherrow

14 Old Foundry Close is a residential property in Nancherrow, a town on the south-west coast of Cornwall. The property is a detached house constructed from brick and render with a pitched tiled roof. The property owner is planning to construct an extension to the rear of the property. The extension will increase the property’s total floor area. 

However, the property is situated within flood zone 3, considered a high-risk area for flooding from nearby rivers and the sea. The high-risk designation indicates that there is a one in 100 or greater chance of flooding from river or sea sources each year. Additionally, the property is located near a number of local watercourses, including a river and a stream that flows through the surrounding area. These watercourses can quickly become overwhelmed during periods of heavy rainfall and cause surface water flooding in the local vicinity.

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A flood risk assessment would be necessary to assess the potential risk of flooding to the proposed extension and the existing property. The flood risk assessment took into account the topography and geology of the site, the potential sources of flooding, the likelihood and impact of flooding, and any potential mitigation measures that could be put in place to reduce the risk of flooding.


Flood Risk Assessment