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Our maps provide flood risk information and flood protection intervention in an easy to use format.We believe in simplicity and reliability. We have created this page to give you the flood risk information in a reliable format. Water Experts committed to protect your livelihoods. Joint the success of our clients! The Environment Agency flood risk maps are map created to assess the likely of flooding or certain areas in UK. These map includes flood from rivers and sea for planning purposes, surface water run-off maps and reservoir maps. For instance the Flood Map for Planning (Rivers and Sea) includes several layers that covers Flood Zone 2 and Flood Zone 3. It evaluates the risk of flooding by ignoring the presence of flood defences. The flood risk maps are produced to support the flood risk assessments in line with Planning Practice Guidance. The Environment Agency flood risk maps also helps people living in flood area to understanding of flooding and make them aware of the hazards. The Environment Agency flood risk maps area based on modelled data with substantial assumptions being made. This information therefore should be taken as indicative and should not be used for specific sites or individual properties. This is because, the Environment Agency does have the final floor levels of your property. Flood Risk Mapping identifies areas that are at significant risk of flooding. This identification has been completed by the Environment Agency and includes databases such as the main rivers and sea and the lead local flood authorities which are in charge of the surface water flooding. In general flood risk areas are determined where Flood Hazard and Risk Maps and Flood Risk Management Plans must subsequently be produced to meet national guidelines. You can explore the more relevant maps in our website.