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Flood Risk Report For Planning

For Housing, Commercial & Industrial Developments

Our Flood Risk Mitigation Reports

We develop flood risk report for planning to help people become aware of the flood risks in their living and working areas.

 Our site-specific flood risk report incorporates assessments of risks from all flood sources.

When creating flood risk reports, we stay within the guidelines of flood risk legislation.

Our reports are based on the data provided by the Environment Agency on Flood risks.

The purpose of our flood risk reports is to give you full-fledged information about the exposure and vulnerability of your site to flood risks.

Our flood risk interventions are in place to safeguard your property from flooding.

Flood Risk assessment Minor Development
Starts  at £650.00

Less than 9 dwellings.  Business units less than 3,000 sqm

Flood Risk Assessment Major Development
Starts at  £1,850.00
10 dwellings or more. Business units bigger than 0.5 Ha. 
Flood Risk Assessment Strategic Development
£ on application
Substantial project at regional level
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Our Workflow

UrbanWater Go Head Flood Risk Drainage
Your Approval

Obtain flood risk information and use of extensive flood database

Urban Water Initial Finding Flood Risk Drainage
Witin 48 Hrs

Initial flood risk assessment with findings.

Urban Water Submit Report Flood Risk Drainage
Issue Assessment

Submit report and register you planning at local council

Flood Risk Assessment

Get final flood levels and Submit addition information as required

Flood Risk Assessment
Ultimate Report Includes:

Includes all the information to make your development safe and get planning approval 

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Our Benefits


Report within 48 hrs. Allow planning to get underway


We stay with you until a planning decision is made


With our experice you have th best chance of success

No Hidden Fees

Our prices are clear. No hidden fees.

Our Flood Risk Assessment Process

urban water location flood risk
Obtain Project Details

Development details are collected. 

Flood Risk Assessment
Consult Databases

 Information on all sources of flooding are gathered. Including the flood risk map for planning.

Flood Risk Assessment
Evaluate Flood Risk

 Evaluation of the flood risk information. Flood risk protection is incorporated as per requirements. 

Flood Risk Assessment
Liaise with Authorities

Consulting the relevant statutory authorities for check and approval. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a flood risk report Incorporate?

A flood risk report incorporates information on levels of disasters to a property or site. It also details which sources of flood emergency pose more risk product to the site. The Environment Agency makes it mandatory to complete Flood Risk Assessment before starting development in key flood zones.

Which source of flood risks do risk reports incorporate?

Flood risk reports incorporate information on flood risks from the following sources.

1. Flood risk from surface water from rainfall

These reports incorporate information on the level of risk of specific sites from surface water floods. It occurs when rainwater cannot be drained out in time. When rainfall volume surpasses the capacity of the drainage system to contain it, surface water flooding occurs.

2. River and sea flooding

They assess risk from river and sea flooding to sites and properties. Due to heavy rainfalls or storms, the water overflows into dry and low-lying land when the channels cannot contain the water. Thus, resulting in flooding from rivers and seawater.

3. Groundwater

They also have information on groundwater risk. It happens when the water table rises above elevations. The flood hazard usually occurs when rainfall continues for an extended period.

4. Sewer flooding

They asses the risk of floods from sewers. It occurs when there is a blockage in the infrastructure or an overflow. Manholes and gullies can cause such overflows.

Where to find flood maps on long-term risk reports?

The Environment Agency provides maps for long-term flood risks. It gives information about long-term floods in any area in England. The possible causes of such flooding. It also provides information on hazard mitigation and management  strategies.

The Enviroment Agency Provides Information about which sources of flooding?

The Environment Agency provides information on flood hazards in an area from

  • rivers and the sea
  • surface water
  • reservoirs
  • groundwater (where data is available)

What are flood zones ?

Flood zones provide information on the probability of future flood occurrence in an area, keeping flood defense systems in consideration. 

Flood Zone 1

Areas with a low chance of flood disaster are categorized as flood zone 1. The areas in the zone have a 1 in 1000 chance of annual river and sea flooding.

Flood Zone 2

Flood zone 2 includes areas with a medium risk probability. Areas with a 1.0% and 0.1% probability of river flooding and a probability of 0.1 % and 0.5% of sea flooding per annum come in this zone.

Flood zone 3a  

Flood zone 3a includes areas with a high probability of flood risks. Areas with a 1% or more probability of river flooding and 0.5 % or more from sea flooding per annum come in this zone.

Flood zone 3b

Flood zone 3b is also named a functional floodplain. Areas in this zone are at risk of 3% or more flooding, irrespective of the flood defense system in place.

How to identify in which zone your property is located?

Flood Risk Report for Planning

The Environment Agency flood maps for mitigation and planning allow searching risk of flooding by entering a postcode. If you are interested in finding out in which zone your property is located, go to the Environment Agency Map, and enter your postcode.

You can also refer to our blog for instructions on viewing flood maps.

Who needs a flood risk report?

  • Property professional
  • House owners
  • Housebuilders
  • Banks and mortgage providers
  • Flood Insurance companies.

Is flood assessment required for every property?

A Flood Risk Assessment is required to get planning permission, especially when the development is in flood zone 2, 3a, or 3b. Or in Zone 1 when your development is greater than 1 hectare or affected by flooding. 

Where to access flood history of your property?

If you are interested in getting the flood history of a property or site, you can get the information by sending an inquiry to National Environment Agency.

You can email the address, postcode, or map of your address to

You can also check our Flood Risk Map.

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