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Flood Risk Assessment Oxford

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Flood Risk Assessment Reports for Properties in Oxford

Oxford is situated in a basin formed by the River Thames, surrounded by several small streams and tributaries. The two main rivers that flow through Oxford are the River Cherwell and the River Thames.

The River Thames is the largest of the two and runs south of the city. It has several tributaries, including the River Windrush, which flows north of the city, and the River Evenlode.On the other hand, the River Cherwell flows to the east of the city and is fed by smaller streams such as the River Ray and the River Glyme.

The flood risk assessment cost is as follows:


Minor Development

From £650.00
Less than 9 dwellings. Industrial/office units smaller than 3,000 sqm


Major Development

From £1,850.00
More than 10 dwellings. Industrial/office units bigger than 0.5 Ha.

Flood Risk Assessment Strategic Development

Strategic Development

£ on application
Infrastructure projects as part of strategic sites

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The flood risk of flooding in Oxford

The city of Oxford is prone to flooding due to various factors such as overbank flooding, snowmelt, and heavy rainfall. Over the years, several towns and villages in Oxford have been affected by flooding, including;
– Wallingford
– Abingdon,
– Henley-on-Thames.

In 2007, severe flooding washed away 700 properties in the Abingdon and Botey areas of the city.

In addition, the city suffers from recurrent floods or fluvial flooding and groundwater flooding. The environment agencies remain active and provide timely information regarding the risk of floods to the citizens.

Our Experience in Oxford

Urban Water's experience in flood risk assessment and drainage strategy is particularly relevant to Oxford. This region is susceptible to flooding due its geographical location and river system.
We have provided specific flood risk assessments and drainage strategies to address the challenges faced by our projects in Oxford.

Other Flood Risk Projects

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We will complete our first flood risk assessment in 48 hours. Allows you to validate your planning application.


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We give you a fixed price on all flood risk assessments.

Our Flood Risk Assessment Process

We work with developers, architects, and planning consultants. We develop suitable flood protection.

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Obtain Project Details

We obtain your development details. Such as drawings and survey levels.

Flood Risk Assessment
Consult Databases

We collect flood risk information for all sources of flooding. 

Flood Risk Assessment
Evaluate Flood Risk

We evaluate the flood risk information. It includes flood protection as required.

Flood Risk Assessment
Liaise with Authorities

We consult the relevant statutory authorities. We obtain their appropriate approval

Our Flood risk assessment assesses all flood sources. It complies with flood risk legislation at the planning stage. This will safeguard your development throughout its lifetime.

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Our Flood Maps

Our flood risk map tool determines the flood risk assessment for your development.

It has all of the relevant databases. You have all of the flood risk information at your fingertips. Use your postcode and zoom in to find your site.

The Environment Agency has created a flood risk map for Oxford to indicate the likelihood of flooding in the area. Flood zones are shown on the map based on the type, intensity, and percentage of flood risk. The map displays areas with high, medium, low, and very low extents of flooding from surface water.

It shows that Grand Point has a medium risk of flooding, and the chance of flooding in this area is between 1% and 3.3%. In contrast, Great Meadow has a low risk of flooding, with a chance of flooding between 0.1% and 1% each year. Seacourt Stream has a high risk of flooding, with a chance of flooding of greater than 3.3 % each year.

Additionally, the strategic flood risk assessment of South Oxfordshire illustrates the impact of climate change and provides guidance for developing flood risk zones. These maps serve as a valuable resource for policymakers to create appropriate policies for managing flood risk zones. The Oxford City Council utilizes such maps to plan ways to increase the flood resilience of communities in Oxford and reduce flood risks. Flood risk maps also guide the use of suitable drainage systems for managing surface water.

Check out this flood risk assessment map tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can one obtain a flood risk assessment?

Flood risk assessment is a crucial aspect of making informed decisions about risk transfer and management. It involves estimating the probability of flood damage based on factors such as the depth of inundation, water velocity, water quality, and debris content.

Flood risk assessment is carried out by estimating the following:
1. Flood hazards, which refer to the probability and magnitude of flooding.
2. Exposure, which involves calculating the economic loss resulting from flood hazards.
3. Vulnerability, which examines the relationship between economic loss and flood hazard properties.
4. Performance, which evaluates the effectiveness of measures taken to mitigate flood hazards.

All of these components are equally important in controlling flooding.

Is Oxford at risk of flooding?

Oxford is at risk of flooding as the city is situated on the River Thames floodplain. The city is also surrounded by small streams and rivers that can overflow during periods of heavy rainfall. Recently, the city experienced significant flooding in 2007 and 2020, and this risk of flooding will increase in the coming years. The city’s administration has implemented various measures to mitigate the flood risk, including making retention pods to store excess water and creating floodplains.

What is Oxfordshire's Strategic Flood Risk Assessment?

The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) for Oxfordshire is a critical study that helps manage flood risk in the city. It provides a valuable tool for local authorities to plan new developments and infrastructure while identifying potential flood risks and designing new developments to minimize them. By using the SFRA, the authorities can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to mitigate the risk of flooding in Oxfordshire.

Where in Oxfordshire is there a risk of flooding?

Various areas across Oxfordshire are at risk
1- River flooding: Areas like Abingdon, Henley-on-Thames, and Wallingford are located along the river and are thus vulnerable to flooding.
2- Groundwater flooding: Areas such as the Vale of White Horse and Wantage have a high risk of ground flooding.
3- Surface water flooding: Urban areas such as Banbury and Oxford city centre are at risk of surface water flooding

Where does it flood in Oxfordshire?

Areas with high flood risk in Oxfordshire include Abingdon, Banbury, Henley-on-Thames, Kidlington, Wallingford, and Wantage due to their proximity to the River Cherwell and River Thames and their high water tables.

How often does Oxford flood?

The frequency of flooding in Oxfordshire depends on many factors, including the amount of rainfall, weather conditions, and mitigation plans. Moreover, flooding in Oxford has occurred plenty of times; for example, in 2020, Oxford and Oxfordshire had significant flooding due to heavy rainfall. In 2007, the area was flooded due to stream overflow. Unfortunately, flooding in Oxford is expected to become more frequent in the future as a result of climate change.

How many homes were flooded in Oxford?

Flooding is a major issue in Oxford, UK. According to statistics, 1.7% of homes in the city have been affected by flooding in the past. In addition, a survey conducted in 2017 revealed that 1.6% of people reported having their homes flooded before. These figures indicate that Oxford is more susceptible to flooding than any other city in the UK.