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Flood Risk Assessment Croydon

For Housing, Commercial & Industrial Developments

Flood Risk Assessment Reports for Properties in Croydon

Croydon, a borough located in South London, is situated on the River Wandle, a tributary of the River Thames. The river flows through various parks and open spaces, such as Beddington and Wandle Park. The town has been prone to flooding in the past, mainly due to river and surface flooding caused by the overflow of the river and the drainage system’s incapacity to handle heavy rainfall.

In 2014, several floods occurred in Croydon, including Purley, Lincoln Road Drain, and Warrien Road, causing extensive damage to the roads.

The flood risk assessment cost is as follows:


Minor Development

From £650.00
Less than 9 dwellings. Industrial/office units smaller than 3,000 sqm


Major Development

From £1,850.00
More than 10 dwellings. Industrial/office units bigger than 0.5 Ha.

Flood Risk Assessment Strategic Development

Strategic Development

£ on application
Infrastructure projects as part of strategic sites

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The flood risk of flooding Croydon

In 2014, a flood caused the evacuation of around 60 people, and in the London Borough of Croydon alone, approximately 5,800 properties are at risk of flooding.

That same year, heavy rainfall caused water treatment works in Kenley to flood, resulting in local residents being evacuated and the temporary closure of the treatment plant.

In 2016, flooding destroyed several properties and roads in parts of Purley, while some areas of Coulsdon were also affected.

Additionally, in December 2019, flooding damaged several roads and properties in Wallington.

The Environment Agency has issued warnings about flood-prone areas and identified the regions at risk of flooding, issuing 21 flood warnings between 2015 and 2020.

It is essential to take necessary measures to mitigate the risk of flooding in flood-prone areas, as flooding can cause severe damage.

Our Experience in Croydon

Urban Water's experience in flood risk assessment and drainage strategy is particularly relevant to Croydon. This region is susceptible to flooding due to its proximity to the River Thames. We have provided specific flood risk assessments and drainage strategies to address the challenges faced by our projects in Croydon.

Other Flood Risk Projects

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We will complete our first flood risk assessment in 48 hours. Allows you to validate your planning application.


We support you during the planning application. Our reports are updated as needed.


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We offer a fixed price for all flood risk assessments.

Our Flood Risk Assessment Process

We work with developers, architects, and planning consultants. We develop suitable flood protection.

urban water location flood risk
Obtain Project Details

We gather your development details, including drawings and survey levels.

Flood Risk Assessment
Consult Databases

We collect flood risk information for all sources of flooding. 

Flood Risk Assessment
Evaluate Flood Risk

We assess the flood risk information, including the necessary flood protection measures.

Flood Risk Assessment
Liaise with Authorities

We consult the relevant statutory authorities and secure their necessary approvals.

Our flood risk assessment comprehensively evaluates all potential flood sources, ensuring compliance with flood risk legislation at the planning stage. This safeguards your development throughout its lifespan

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Our Flood Maps

Our flood risk map tool determines the flood risk assessment for your development.

It incorporates all the relevant databases, providing you with comprehensive flood risk information at your fingertips. Simply enter your postcode and zoom in to locate your site.

The Croydon Flood Risk Map displays the flood risks in various areas of the town. The map is divided based on different postcodes, and each postcode indicates a level of flood risk, which could be high, medium or low. These risk levels are then plotted on the map to give a clear representation of the flood risk in the area.

According to the map, the majority of Croydon’s postcodes are at medium risk of flooding, while some postcodes are at high risk. Based on the information provided by the flood risk map, a strategic flood risk assessment process has been conducted, and plans are being developed to reduce the risk of flooding in Croydon.

Moreover, the Croydon council is responsible for managing and monitoring the risk of flooding in the area. They gather information to help reduce the likelihood of flooding. Currently, the Map does not indicate any warnings of flooding in Croydon today. However, it does display the frequency of flood risks in different flood plains across the town.

Check out this flood risk assessment map tool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Croydon in a flood-risk area?

Some parts of Croydon fall into Flood risk zones . According to the flood risk map published by the Environment Agency, the region is at risk of flooding from various sources, including the sea, river, and other sources. The areas situated alongside the River Wandle are particularly vulnerable to floods, and the extent of the risk depends on the specific location. Hence, the Environment Agency flood risk map provides detailed information about these areas to help people stay vigilant and take necessary precautions.

How can I determine the level of flood risk in my area?

Determining the flood risk in an area involves analyzing factors such as sea level, weather conditions, and flood safety measures. However, for accurate information, it is recommended to visit the Environment Agency’s flood risk map page. This map displays flood risk areas with different colors that indicate the level of risk in that particular area. It is important to note that the risk of flooding varies based on the location, and the map provided by the Environmental Agency does not guarantee the occurrence of flooding in a specific area; it only highlights the potential risk of flooding.

How do you get a flood risk assessment?

Risk assessment is a crucial aspect of risk management and transfer. It involves estimating the likelihood of flood-related risks, such as the depth of water, velocity, quality of water, and debris content.

To conduct a flood risk assessment, four fundamental components must be evaluated equally. These include flood hazards, exposure, vulnerability, and performance.

  1. Flood hazards refer to the probability and magnitude of flooding events.
  2. Exposure involves calculating the economic losses that arise due to flood hazard.
  3. Vulnerability is the relationship between economic loss and flood hazard properties.
  4. Performance assesses the effectiveness of the steps taken to mitigate flood hazards.

By assessing these four components, it is possible to effectively manage and control flooding.

What is the safest flood zone?

It cannot be said accurately which area in Croydon is the safest flood zone. However, according to the Environment Agency flood risk map, some areas are at low risk of flooding in Croydon. Such areas are located at a higher elevation and away from the major water source of the town.

Theses include:

  • Waddon,
  • South Coulsdon,
  • South Croydon,
  • Addiscombe,
  • Kenley Station,
  • Purley/Kenley,
  • Purley East, and Purley North

Have a low intensity of flooding in the town.

How high above sea level is Croydon?

Central Croydon topographically lies between to 70 meters above sea level. The town has higher elevations towards its east, rising above 95 meters. Coombe Wood, Addington, Addington Hills, and Golf Course have elevations as high as 145 meters. To the south are the Croham Hills, with a height of 145 meters. The lowest elevation in the region is around Broad Green, with a height of 35 meters.