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Flood risk assessment cost

Flood risk assessment helps identify the probability of flood risk to a site. Flood risk assessment cost varies based on the nature and scope of the assessment. The cost is also dependent on the location of the site. This blog will discuss various aspects of flood risk assessment costs in the UK. The blog contains the following sections 

  1. Flood risk assessment cost 
  2. Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Cost UK

Flood risk assessment cost of 

  1. Flood screening study
  2. Flood scoping study
  3. Sequential and Exceptional test

Our flood risk assessment charges 

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding flood risk assessment 


Flood assessment cost is dependent on several factors, including the property’s location,
assessment scope, the required type of assessment, and the company or individual who
conducts the assessment.

Generally, a primary flood assessment can cost a few hundred pounds (It may be fixed or variable). A comprehensive evaluation that requires hydrological modeling, detailed site surveys, and mapping could cost several thousand pounds.

When evaluating flood risk assessment costs, one should also remember the possible property damages if a proper assessment is not performed. Choosing the right agencies or individuals for flood risk assessment is paramount.

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment Cost UK

This section incorporates information about preliminary flood risk assessment costs in the UK. It gives detailed information about flood risk assessment requirements. This section gives an idea about of costs of different flood assessment tests.

Flood screening study Flood scoping study Sequential and Exceptional test

The Flood Risk Regulations (FRA) adopted in 2009 requires completing an assessment of
flood known as (preliminary flood risk assessment (PFRA). The Environment Agency
produces supporting maps and river catchments along the PERA report. In England, the
regulations direct EA to carry out PERA and identify flood risk areas from
rivers, seas, and reservoirs. Lead local flood authorities (LLFAs) must carry it out for surface
water, groundwater, and smaller water courses. Generally, PFRA is carried out by the
relevant authorities; however, if a private consultant carries out the assessment, the cost can
range from a few hundred to thousands of pounds. The cost of PFRA depends on the location,
complexity of assessment, and the type of flood risk to the area.

Flood screening study

A flood screening study is conducted to analyse and understand the potential flood risk to a
specific area. In a flood screening study, data on the previous stances of flood in the area
were analysed along with the current vulnerability to several types of flood sources. It helps
in identifying areas that are most susceptible to flood. The study also analyses the potential
impacts of such events on the main infrastructures, i.e., roads, bridges, buildings, and human
life. Such findings can help develop mitigation measures, i.e., installation of flood barriers
and relocation of vulnerable populations.

Flood scoping study

A flood scoping study entails a preliminary assessment of potential flood risks to
specific areas or residents. The purpose of the study is to identify critical concerns
and evaluate potential risks to provide sufficient information and data for
implementing a flood management plan.

Sequential and Exceptional test

Sequential and Exceptional tests are the two major assessments the development
must pass to get approval. A sequential test is required for developments located in
flood zone 2 or 3. A sequential test will be required if the development covers more
than one hectare of land located in Zone 1. If the sequential test shows no possible
alternative site for the development, an exceptional test will be required. The
exceptional test is carried out for properties located in highly vulnerable areas
situated in zone 2. Essential infrastructure in flood zone 3a and 3b also require the

Our Detailed Flood assessment cost

The lowest cost assessment option is Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment. In a preliminary assessment, a report is created by analysing the data available from the Environment. The preliminary flood risk assessment costs vary from a few hundred to a few thousand or a fixed cost. If sufficient data is unavailable, a detailed flood assessment might be required. A detailed flood risk assessment would be necessary if the development is in high-risk zones. The fees of a detailed flood risk assessment vary depending on the nature and scope of the assessment.

Our Flood Assessment Charges

Flood risk assessment report cost

Minor Development

For minor developments consisting of less than 9 dwellings or industrial/office units smaller than 3,000 sqm, our pricing starts at £650.00.

Major Development

For properties that include more than 10 dwellings or industrial/office units larger than 0.5 hectares, the starting price for our services is £1,850.00.

Strategic Development

The cost for infrastructure projects associated with strategic sites is available upon request.

We can provide you with the first report within 48 hours to validate your planning application.

Free flood risk assessment – Only if you are a charity

Flood risk assessment involves a certain amount of cost. The cost of the assessment
varies according to the nature and scope of the required assessment—the location
of the charity and the agencies or individuals providing those services. Flood
assessment is not free of cost. Some charity-based organisations might get flood
assessment support from larger humanitarian organisations. The board of trustees or
donors could help charities with flood risk assessment with the cost of the

Why an assessment of flooding is needed?

In the UK, many areas are prone to flooding due to climate change, infrastructure, and
geography. The risk of flood hazard in some areas is higher than in others; therefore, flood
assessments become mandatory before planning a development. Some of the UK areas with higher risks of flooding are coastal areas, low-lying lands, river areas, and Urban areas with a vulnerability towards groundwater and surface water flooding.

Who can carry out a flood assessment for my site?

Depending on the requirements of the flood assessments, many professionals can carry out flood assessments for your site:

  1. If your local authorities have a flood risk assessment team, they can provide valuable
    information regarding your site’s vulnerability.
  2. Professional environment consultants have the tools and skills to assess and provide
    information about the possible flood risks to the property and recommend mitigation
  3. A hydrologist can help analyse the topography and hydrology of your site and provide
    information about the severity of flooding to your site.

How to make a cheap flood risk assessment?

1. Find information on flood risk to your property from The Environment agency website.

Flood risk assessment can be a simple and short written statement or a detailed
hydraulic modeling. If you want to make a cheap assessment flood of your site,
you can find the flood plain of your site just by entering your postcode on The
Environment Agency’s flood risk maps.

2. Contact the Local Environment Agency office.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you have the option of using your local
Environment Agency office. First, you must check out the flood risk map for a cheap
flood risk assessment. Different flood assessments would be required depending on
your development site’s location. For example, suppose your site is in low-risk areas
as identified by The Environment Agency. In that case, you might not need an
assessment, and you can get that information confirmation by contacting The
Environment Agency or local authorities.

3. Get information about flood history in your area to do a flood assessment

You can also look for signs of previous flooding in your area. Knowing your area’s
flood history can provide sufficient information to take the following steps. The

Environment Agency can give you information regarding flood history in your area;
all you have to do is send them your postcode.
For a low-cost assessment, you can also analyse the terrain of your site. You are
more prone to flood risk if it is located low-lying or near water. Once you gather
information regarding the flood disaster history, terrain, and the zone where your site is
located, you will know what sort of flood assessment is needed.

4. Contact flood risk assessment consultants

You can take advice from flood assessment experts to get a consultancy or price estimation of the flood assessment required for your area.

Can I do my own flood risk assessment?

Yes, you can complete a basic flood risk assessment.
However, when planning development in a particular zone, i.e., zone 2 and 3 and you need to demonstrate to your planning authority that you have taken the necessary steps for flood risk management and submit it as part of your proposal.
You can follow the Flood Risk Assessment guidelines available online or given by the
Environment Agency to carry out your flood risk assessments. However, suppose your site is in one of the high flood-risk zones identified by The Environment Agency. In that case, you must consult professionals to conduct a flood-risk assessment for your site.
Your planning application will only be approved if the Flood assessment requirements are

How long does a flood risk assessment take?

Flood risk assessment in the UK can take up to 25 working days. The Environment Agency’s response is 21 working days. Sometimes, you can also get a flood risk assessment report within three weeks. The length of the assessment is dependent on the area where your site is located. Flood risk assessment professionals provide you with an estimated time according to the nature of the assessment required and their service duration. At Urban Water, we can give you a free quote for your Flood Risk assessment, and based on our initial screening, we can communicate the total time necessary to deliver you a flood risk report.

What does a flood risk assessment include?

A flood risk assessment contains information on a development’s vulnerability to various
floods. The document also outlines whether the development poses a potential
environmental threat to its surroundings. The assessment document is created by relying on the data from The Environment Agency or a team of professionals carrying out detailed
flood assessments using various tools.

Flood zones

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