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Flood Risk Assessment Consultants

For Housing, Commercial & Industrial Developments

Our Flood Risk Assessments

At Urban Water, we are Flood risk, assessment consultants. We help mitigate the risk of flooding developments. We provide quality assessment. We complete this work at planning application. Our track record in delivering flood risk reports gives you a better chance to obtain planning.

We work with developers, architects, project managers, local planning authorities and other organisations.

From £650.00
Ideal for 9 houses or less. Industrial areas less than 3,000 sqm
From £1,850.00
10 dwellings or more. Industrial sites bigger than 0.5 Ha. 
Flood Risk Assessment Strategic Development
£ on application
Major projects for multiple sites
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How do we Work?

The FRA is a comprehensive assessment that considers various factors that can influence flood risk. We use software tools such as flood models to evaluate flood risk. Our techniques help to identify, assess, and evaluate flood risks and provide recommendations for managing those risks. This work helps to define flood zones on your site.

As flood risk assessment consultants, we help organisations and communities understand flood risk.

We also give tools to manage the risks posed by flooding. We carry out a site-specific Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) as part of the local planning process.

We are one of the leading flood management companies. 

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Flood Risk Assessment
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Flood Risk Assessment
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Benefits of flood risk assessment consultants


Report ready in 48 hours.


We stay with you until planning is approved.


Your development has the best chance.

No additional fees

All our prices are fixed.

Our Process

The main factors include the area’s topography, the likelihood of extreme weather events, and the critical drainage infrastructure in place.

We review the Environment Agency databases and the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment maps. If you are in Wales, we contact and liaise with Natural Resources Wales.

As part of this work, we analyse data on past flooding events and potential flood risks. The results are detailed flood risk maps and models. The maps and models show the likelihood and severity of flooding.

Our FRA considers the risk of flooding from rivers and sea and surface water flooding. Surface water flooding can occur when heavy rainfall overwhelms the capacity of drainage systems. Surface Water flooding is an essential aspect of flood hazard assessment.

This is because surface water flooding can have significant impacts on communities. It also affects business continuity. It is also particularly challenging to predict and manage.


urban water location flood risk
Basic Site Details
Flood Risk Assessment
Review Flood Risk Databases
Flood Risk Assessment
Determine Flood Hazard
Flood Risk Assessment
Work with statutory authorities

Our Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) are comprehensive and thorough. We ensure that no potential flood risk is overlooked.

We work closely with local planning authorities to consider all flood risks on your site. Our work allows for a high rate of planning permissions from our clients.

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Site Specific Flood Risk Assessments

Our Site Specific Flood Risk Assessments (SFRA) provide even more detailed information on flood risk for your site. It gives you peace of mind that you have the most comprehensive understanding of your flood risk.

We recommend measures to reduce flood risk, such as improving drainage systems.

Another option is creating building and infrastructure to be more resilient to flooding.

This can include measures such as elevating buildings above the floodplains.

It also installs flood barriers and gates and uses flood-resistant materials in construction.

Resilience interventions can help ensure the continuity of businesses and protect communities from the impacts of flooding.

We have partnerships with leading national organisations. It demonstrates our commitment to staying at the forefront of flood risk management.

These organisations are responsible for managing flood risk and protecting the environment in the UK. Our team is proud to work alongside them to achieve these critical goals.

Check out this flood risk assessment map tool. 

The information on flood risk can be checked on the Environment Agency website and Natural Resources Wales website. 

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Flood Risk Assessments Consultants

BA Consulting is part of JBA Group

BA Consulting is part of JBA Group- a network of companies with expertise in environmental, engineering, and risk management. The purpose of these companies is to improve the environment and business infrastructure. With over 27 years of experience, JBA consulting combines analytical, engineering, social, and nature-inspired solutions to help clients adapt to climate change and build resilience. JBA Consulting provides services in the UK and worldwide. Their head office is based in England.


RSK group is one of the flood risk companies that provides sustainable solutions to their clients. SRK combines environment engineering and technical services businesses to provide practical solutions for some of the major challenges
faced by the world today. RSK operates in major economic sectors, including infrastructure, urban development, mining and waste, water and energy, and food and drink. RSK provides practical and best solutions to their clients for all scales and types of projects. RSK has been providing services for 30 years and now has 130 worldwide offices.

Resilience and Risk (RAB)

Resilience and Risk (RAB) is an England flood risk consultancy company. The team of engineers, emergency planners, and project managers at RAB are dedicated to providing services to increase resilience and reduce flood risk in places in their serviced areas. 

RAB Consultancy provides the following services,

1. Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage
2. Flood Risk and Incident Management
3. Emergency Planning and Business Continuity
RAB Consultants was established in 2006. They provide services all over the UK, and their
company has been spreading internationally, with their recent projects in Spain, Nepal, and
New Zealand.

Mott Macdonald

Mott Macdonald is a global engineering, management, and development consultancy. MM
aims to improve society by keeping in the social outcome of every action consideration and
providing digital innovation. The team of experts at MM dive deep into the complexities of
issues and provide sustainable solutions for their clients. Their projects are dedicated to improving health, education, and recovery for those affected by natural disasters. Through digital transformation, MM aims to care for and create an infrastructure society can depend on. The team involves itself in the world's high-profile infrastructure and development projects.

Atkins Global Member of The SNC-

Aktinsglobal is a design and project management consultancy to transform infrastructure
delivery. Aktin uses data and technology to transform infrastructure. The projects are
dedicated to fixing things to yield better results or introducing new ways of doing things.
The extensive team of experts keeps multiple technological and innovative aspects in
consideration to deliver an environmentally friendly infrastructure. Aktins provides
consulting, advisory, and environmental services, design and engineering, operation, and
maintenance, among many others.


Mabbett is one of the flood risk companies. They are flood risk consultants who provide risk
assessment services to help clients understand the impact of climate change and flood risk
on their development site. The team of Mabbett comprises engineers, scientists, and health
and safety professionals. Their service includes
1. FRA
2. Flood mitigation design
3. Flood mechanism investigation and specification of resilience measures.
4. EA/SEPA/NRW flood map challenge.
5. Input to contingency plans in the event of a flood.


UNDA is a team of flood risk consultants. They provide detailed flood risk assessment reports, groundwater assessments, and surface water and drainage strategies all over the UK. UNDA’s team is comprised of highly qualified flood risk consultants, drainage engineers, and hydrologists.

Three Counties Flood Risk Assessment

Three Counties Flood Risk Assessment provides services flood throughout the UK. Starting 10 years ago with a headquarter in Gloucestershire the company has now spread its services nationwide. Three Counties have carried out FRAs for significant intuitional developments, race courses, supermarkets, large housing, industrial estate, and
sports stadia.

JRC Consulting

JRC Consulting Engineers is a civil and structural engineering consultancy that provides a wide range of services, including highway and drainage, flood risk assessment, earthwork modeling, strategic infrastructural planning, and advice, among others. JRC provides pragmatic and trusted design solutions to both domestic and commercial sectors. JRC is based in Exeter, Devon, and provides services in various parts of the UK.

Sanderson Associates

Sanderson Associates are a UK-based flood risk consultants, that offers flood risk assessment services to a range of clients, including homeowners, developers, architects, and local authorities. The company was established in 2005. Sanderson Associates provide provides high-quality and cost-effective solutions. It offers various services, including flood risk assessments, flood mapping, drainage design, and environmental impact assessments.

GeoSmart Information

GeoSmart Information is a UK-based environmental consultancy specialising in geospatial data and analysis to support sustainable development. They offer various services, including environmental risk assessments, flood risk assessments, contaminated land assessments, and drainage assessments. They provide services to a wide range of clients, including architects, planners, developers, and local authorities.

Ambiental Environmental Assessment

Ambiental is an environmental risk analytics company that specializes in flood risk assessment, mapping, and modeling. The company provides flood risk data, software, and consultancy services to a variety of industries and clients, including insurance companies, government agencies, and property developers.


What does flood risk consultants do?

 Flood risk consultants are professionals who provide expertise and advice on issues related to flood risk management. Their primary role is to help individuals, organisations, and communities assess the risks associated with flooding and develop effective strategies for managing them. Some of the significant responsibilities of flood risk consultants include flood risk assessment, developing flood risk management plans, technical expertise, and advice on mitigation measures.

How do I get a flood risk assessment?

You can take the following steps to get a flood risk assessment. 1. You can check the Environment Agency Maps to see information about the flood risk to your site. That should give you sufficient information about the level of risk and the flood zone your area is in. Alternatively, you call local authorities to enquire about flood risk to your site. If your development is in a low-risk area, or the development in that area is just an extension, you can produce the assessment report yourself. However, if your development is a high flood-risk area, you will need to pay flood-risk consultants to conduct a thorough flood-risk assessment.

What does a flood risk assessment include? Will it further suggest flood mitigation, planning and development strategies?

Flood assessment includes identifying flood hazards to a specific area, mapping, and analysing the past flood history and current data about the region. A risk assessment will then determine the probability of flood occurrence in the region based on geography, past incidents, and other risk factors. The assessment will also consider the existing flood control measures and infrastructure. It will further suggest mitigation, planning, and development strategies. The assessment report also incorporated the environmental consequences of particular development to the surrounding area.

Who is responsible for managing the risk of flooding?

In England, flood risk management responsibility is shared between several organizations, including The Environment Agency is the leading organization responsible for managing flood risk. It takes necessary steps to reduce the risk of flooding from rivers, the sea, and surface water. In addition, the EA is responsible for developing flood risk management plans, maintaining flood defenses, and providing flood warning services. Secondly, local authorities, i.e., city and county councils, are also responsible for flood risk management. They are responsible for managing local flood risks, such as surface water flooding and drainage issues. Third, water companies are responsible for managing the risk of sewer flooding and ensuring that their infrastructure can cope with extreme weather events. Finally, landowners are also responsible for managing flood risk on their land. Flood risk management requires collaboration between all the relevant authorities.