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Climate Change Adaptation

Use water as part of urban greening and CO2 reduction on your development

Protect your Development using Nature Based Solutions

Increases in temperature and the variability of precipitation are having an immense impact on the urban environment. It is now more critical than ever that we identify these changes and adapt our developments to our uncertain future. 

Water management is a critical factor that will define the future reliance of cities and developments on climate change.

Here at Urban Water, we have collaborated with landscape designers and architects to create dynamic and living designs that apply mitigating strategies to offset the effects of climate change. We use our flood risk assessment expertise and share our applied knowledge to help you build landscape and community resilience.

Our Climate Change Adaptation Services

Zero Carbon - Climate Change Adaptation
We use the latest Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tools to model the potential for carbon neutrality.
Our principles are to reduce embodied carbon and create designs that are banks for reusable material. 
Nature Based Min
We have substantial experience in implementing nature based solutions. The introduction of ecological resilience principles and multi-functional landscapes are the most important elements in adapting future developments to the fast changing climate.

Key Benefits

  • Complete Cycle Assessment
  • Early Design Optimization
  • Embodied Carbon Calculation
  • Circularity Assessment
  • Carbon Benchmarking
  • Our calculations are based on the LCA standards (CEN/TC350, ISO 218930)
  • It follows the RICS building stages
    All CO2 values taken from the verified EPD database
  • Compliant with BREEAM UK and CEEQUAL Standards
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Our Benefits


We utilise the latest software and literature to assess and implement your project using zero carbon, nature-based solutions.

Team Work

We work alongside your team to share our experience and provide support.


Our expertise gives you the best chance to achieve your climate change adaptation goals.

No Extra Fees

Fixed price for all of our projects.

Our Climate Change Adaptation Methodology

We work with developers, architects and communities to create, protect and restore ecosystems. We make use of native species and materials to ensure climate change mitigation and adaption for your project. Our work reflects our ethics and our commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive society. The government has provided climate change adaptation policies.  Resources can also be found on the Climate Change Committee website. 

urban water location flood risk
Determine Site Characteristics

Understand the local resources for the management of water and availability of space.

Flood Risk Assessment

Work with architects to identify level of adaptation and carbon targets.

Flood Risk Assessment

Use the building of external works to create multifunctional areas in which water is managed. Complete detailed design interventions and carbon footprint calculations.

Flood Risk Assessment

We compare our designs in relation to other projects of a similar scale to ensure that the designs implemented are the most carbon efficient.

We create long standing partnerships with architects and developers.

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Other Services

Flood Risk Assessment
We help you to obtain planning permission by conducting a flood risk assessment of your development or property. 
Hydraulic River Modelling
To ensure that you receive the best price for your development, we implement best cost river modelling in compliance with requirements supplied by the Environment Agency. 
We strive to create drainage designs which are fully compliant with the lead local flood authority requirements. 
Drainage Strategy
We utilise our knowledge of national and local flood authorities to ensure that our drainage strategies are in full compliance with their requirements. 

Our Tools