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Our Culture

Urban Water strives to be the best; not only as a lead water designer, but also as a force for good. We aim to enhance our society by delivering projects that tackle climate change, environmental degradation and social inequality.

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Helping our Community

Often, the communities most in need within our society are the ones most affected by water. We work tirelessly to protect and strengthen communities to help them manage their futures. We give 1% of our profit to support projects or grass-root movements that help the people most in need of climate change protection.

We also provide 30% discounted design services to qualified underserved charities or groups.

Our Values


Our climate is shifting faster than ever before. It's not sufficient to slow down or halt these impacts. We need to start repairing our relationship with the environment and with each other. The core of our services: flood assessment, sustainable drainage, zero carbon and climate change adaptation are about healing the land and caring for each other.


The best work happens when there is a free exchange of diverse perspectives between our team and the developers, planners, architects and communities we partner with. Seeking, listening, sharing, respecting and authentically representing these diverse perspectives in our projects is a core commitment.


We celebrate inquisitiveness and curiosity. Learning from our successes and failures is built into everything we do. In order to be our best, we encourage testing, objective analysis, tinkering, innovation, integrity and creativity in our team.

We’re in business to leave a better planet for future generations.

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