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Flood Risk Assessment Urban Water

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment compliant with the National Planning Policy and the Environment Agency Regulations. Ready within 48 hours.

Climate Change Adaptation Urban Water

Climate Change Adaptation

Green infrastructure designs and nature-based solutions to Zero Carbon for the protection of communities and developments.

Drainage Design Urban Water

Drainage Design

Sustainable drainage strategy and foul water drainage designs compliant with the Local and National Drainage Guidance.

Hydraulic River Modelling Urban Water

Specialist Designs

Hydraulic River Modelling,
Sequential & Exception Tests,
Statutory River Permits

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Our experienced chartered engineers are passionate about providing you with flood, drainage and sustainability advice.


We have supported hundreds of successful planning applications and developments.

Planning Success

We reduce the time and costs associated with delayed planning applications.

No Hidden Fees

You get the support required to get your project underway.

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We’ll help you to:

Urban Water Flood Risk Drainage Design

Obtain Planning Approval

We put your project in the hands of our experts who will obtain planning permission in a timely manner. At Urban Water your Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy is our priority.

Urban Water Initial Finding Flood Risk Drainage

Get a robust, fast and reliable design

At Urban Water, we have redefined flood risk evaluations and the use of surface and foul water for the digital age. We provide tools that grant substantial advantages to service users, providers, and to society as a whole.

Flood Risk Assessment

Future Proof your development

An integrated approach to urban water management is the key to adapting to climate change. The increasingly erratic rain patterns of the present day call for new solutions and not just traditional sewers. For us, it is important to integrate sustainable urban drainage systems with traffic, wellness and energy planning.

urban water location flood risk

Take action based on reliable data

The use of digital information does not only increase the flexibility and effectiveness of existing urban water systems, but can also allow for the provision of new services to society. We envision that this digital information will help cities to cope with climate change and urbanization. Check our flood risk map and nature based solutions maps

Flood Risk Maps

Flood Risk Map Tool

We have created a flood risk map tool to determine the flood risk for your development. We have also compiled the Environment Agency flood risk assessment map for planning and the Environment Agency surface water flood map. These two data sets will allow you to see the potential location of your site within Flood Zones 2 0r 3. It also allows you to analyse the long term flood risk maps produced by the Environment Agency.

You can access the flood risk map tool by using your post code.

Nature-based Solution Map

Our nature-based solutions map tool shows the Environment Agency’s latest information on Natural Process to reduce flood risk. These maps show the potential sites for flood runoff attenuation and potential for planting and woodland creation. You can also see if one of these sites is near your development and check if your development can be the catalyst to start managing flood risk within the catchment.

Explore alternatives to protect your development and assets from the risk of flooding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an Environment Agency flood risk assessment?

You can get a flood risk assessment by contacting us. The initial Environment Agency flood risk assessment will be ready within 48hrs and the final compliant report with the Environment Agency standing advice will follow within one month. 

You can also read our flood risk assessment ultimate guide. In this guide we explain the different sources of flooding and how to undertake a basic environment agency flood risk assessment. It also explain how to use the Environment Agency flood risk assessment climate change allowances.

How do I know if my property in the UK is located within a flood zone?

In order to determine if your property is in a flood zone, you should use the flood risk map tool. Select your postcode (or nearest post code) to determine if you site is within the flood zone.

You can also send us the details of your site and we can obtain the depth of flood and levels of your property. Our detailed flood risk assessment will allow to determine if your property is within a flood zone in the UK and get approval from the local planning authorities.

Is my property at risk of flooding?

You can use the flood risk map tool to determine if your property is at risk of flooding. You can see the flood zones, the risk from surface water and also whether the property has been flooded in the past.

You can also register to the flood warning system provided by the Environment Agency.

What is a level 2 flood risk assessment?

The Environment Agency Level 2 flood risk assessment is a scoping study in which we contact the Environment Agency and other authorities to obtain detailed advice on the risk of flooding from multiple sources. This includes obtaining the flood modelling results that underpin the flood map for planning and also requesting records of past flooding incidents in critical drainage areas from the local council.

As part of this level 2 flood risk assessment, we compare the levels of the site against the modelled flood level including the potential for climate change. Once this assessment is completed the final floor levels of the property are given. Moreover the level 2 flood risk assessment provides the main access and evaluation routes from the site along with detailed flood resistance and resilience intervention for the site.

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